Karen Marks Ceramics

I am a ceramic artist and I work with porcelain to create flowing abstract sculptures. My work is inspired by the colours, movement and energy of the sea and the coast. Each piece is tactile and evokes feelings from time spent at the coast.  My aim is to bring some of those emotions back into the towns and cities where we live, so we can revisit them during our ordinary day-to-day lives.

I make my own shades of coloured porcelain by adding oxides, which I then throw with white porcelain. Each piece is abstracted while damp to retain a sense of energy and movement. After an initial firing, every piece is sanded by hand to enhance some of the colours and uncover patterns within the clay – this can take several hours over multiple days. The work is then high fired.

I graduated from the University for The Creative Arts in Farnham with a BA (Hons) in Ceramics. I am a Member of the Society for Designer Craftsmen and West Forest Potters in Berkshire and also London Potters. My work has been exhibited around the UK, including at the Oxo Tower Wharf and Mall Galleries in London, and I regularly exhibit at Art in Clay at Hatfield House.

I am the Ceramics Artist in Residence at South Hill Park Arts Centre in Bracknell. In addition to developing my own work, I teach adult classes as well as a range of workshops.

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